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About Me

Hey there! My name is Jess. I'm a writer, English nerd and Bookstagrammer from Wollongong, Australia. I also happen to surf very badly. 


My first piece of writing that ever got published was a *non-fiction* report on the Hippnoham, a member of the Poopiedoopie family and a Venus native. I was ten. The unfortunate publication was my school's newsletter. 


Thankfully, my skill and adoration for creativity has improved since then. These days, I create because I can. I create out of delight, wonder and curiosity. Despite my sneaky dreams of changing the world, I know I can’t. 


So, instead of pressuring myself, I go have fun. Writing fantasy, reading classics anything, creating poetry, filming tiny videos, dancing to Taylor Swift, immersing in nature - all are ways in which I creatively embrace this utterly wild and astonishing world. I've won a prize and been published online; I've written stories, poems and essays that are purely mine to share. 


This website holds some of my work. Instagram has the rest. Feel free to explore. And yes, while I create for fun, I do hope you enjoy what you see. 

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