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About Me

Hey there! My name is Jess. I'm a writer, English nerd and sometimes YouTuber from Wollongong, Australia. I also happen to surf very badly. 


My first piece of writing that ever got published was a *non-fiction* report on the Hippnoham, a member of the Poopiedoopie family and a Venus native. I was ten. The unfortunate publication was my school's newsletter. 


Thankfully, my skill and adoration for creativity has improved since then. These days, I create because I can. I create out of delight, wonder and curiosity. Despite my sneaky dreams of changing the world, I know I can’t. 


So, instead of pressuring myself, I go have fun. Writing fantasy, reading classics anything, creating poetry, filming tiny videos, dancing to Taylor Swift, immersing in nature - all are ways in which I creatively embrace this utterly wild and astonishing world. I've won a prize and been published online; I've written stories, poems and essays that are purely mine to share. 


This website holds some of my work. Instagram and YouTube have the rest. Feel free to explore. And yes, while I create for fun, I do hope you enjoy what you see. 

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